Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunny Sunday

I have become somewhat addicted to reading knitting blogs, and so I knew it was time to start my own. I'm nervous. What will I post here? I have projects in the works, but they seem insignificant in comparison to what others are doing. I am a relatively new knitter, having started somewhere around the beginning of last year. I had knit just a bit as a teenager - I made a plain garter stitch scarf I suppose, and one pretty blue basketweave scarf that floated around for awhile and it finally went to the thrift store a few years ago. Last year my cousin and good friend Tina ventured into knitting and "tricked me" into going to a real yarn store with her. I was amazed with all the lovely fibers and could have spent hours touching the yarns. I don't remember if I bought anything that day, but we signed up for lessons and made a felted bag and it has been a wonderful journey since then. I remember she had said she wanted to make socks, and I was pretty adamant I didn't want to make socks, and after web surfing for a bit, and dabbling in my knitting, we took off on sock knitting like it was nobody's business. I love knitting, and it is a therapy of sorts for me. And I enjoy surfing other people's blogs to see what they are doing. I hope I can make my blog a place that is enjoyable to visit, with photos and content that is interesting to view.