Monday, December 31, 2007

Mourning my Knitting

It has been over a month since I posted here, but knitting has been slow at best since my hand surgery in early November. Christmas has come and gone, and we are on the Eve of a New Year. I thought my hand would be so much better by now, but unfortunately I've had some complications with swelling and pain, and haven't made a whole lot of progress in the activity department. That being the case, I am mourning my knitting, as it has become my therapy I think. It's amazing how much "think time" knitting allows, and what do you do in front of the TV if not knit? I didn't even watch TV until I took up knitting! I mean they went hand in hand for me, so I have been rather lost. I had a brief addiction to my daughter's Nintendo DS Brain Age game last week, but think holding it was aggravating my hand, so had to relinquish that as well. hehehe I gave her the game and the charger yesterday and told her to take it to her room. She had taken it one day last week to use it herself, and I was so desperate I had gone down to her room and searched for it, but now that I've realized it may be bothering my hand, I will leave it alone and see if things improve again. What a sorry story that is huh?? (grin)

I was able to finish a fun fur scarf for a new black coat I bought this year. I think these scarves are fun and add a touch of color around the face, and my thinking is I will eventually have a whole scarf wardrobe. It isn't finished in the photo, but it is done now and I just haven't taken another photo. It is funny, we did Secret Santas at work and I had noted purple as my favorite color and I got gloves that are a perfect match for the purple in this scarf. As a side note, I can't wear the lovely coat because the elastic in the sleeve is too tight to go over the brace on my hand. Grrrr.

I also started a Feather and Fan scarf out of Patons Soy Wool Silk I got for Christmas last year. This yarn is beautiful color-wise, but I'm not sure how it will feel against the neck. We'll see when it is finished and washed. It is knitting up OK, but is probably not something I would purchase again myself, unless the drape and feel of it changes when washed. This pattern is taken from Scarf Style although it is just a basic Feather & Fan pattern which can be found on the internet.

Finally, I am working on another pair of felted clogs using the Fiber Trends pattern. These are a bit trickier to work on because of the manuevering required with needles. I did make a little more progress on them last night, up to putting the color on the cuff. I'm a bit afraid of trying the next step, getting two needles involved and meshing all that together - I just don't have the dexterity and it hurts, so these may have to wait for a bit for more healing to take place.

So, some knitting is better than none, and I'm sure the next few weeks will bring much improvement. I'll post again soon. I got some fun knitting goodies for Christmas and want to tell all about it!

1-12-08 ETA: The Feather & Fan Scarf has been frogged

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