Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pictures of Knitting tomorrow

I will have pictures of a few socks and hats tomorrow. I've been mulling over how to get started here, and that seems to be the best way. I don't have a finished pair of socks, but two pair in the works, and I have a couple of hats that are finished, so I'll post them. I've been stalling I think, and perhaps it would be best to just jump in and get my feet wet.

On another note, it's a sad day in Minnesota today, with the I-35 bridge over the Mississippi River collapsing. At this point I'm not sure that I know of anyone personally involved in this tragedy, but it is close to home, and I do know people who live and work in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Amidst all the tragedy it was heartwarming to hear of people risking their own safety to try to help others further down on the bridge or the banks of the river. Warm thoughts and/or prayers for this community are in order. What an ordeal to experience!

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